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Financial Literacy Workshops – We want to hear from YOU!

Attention Palm Beach County Residents!!!!

The West Palm Beach Alumnae Chapter is seeking your input to help us prioritize the needs of the community with our upcoming Financial Literacy Workshops Series.

We want to present Financial Literacy Workshops that best meet the needs of our community. What areas do you and your family want learn more about?  Let us know by responding to our survey at

▲ Setting the Proper Foundation for Excellent Credit
▲ LOL: Living on Less – How to Better Utilize Your Money
▲ Young Money: Level Up – Financial Next Level (After College)
▲ The Importance of Having an Emergency Fund & How To Do It!
▲ Saving for Your Child’s Future through College Savings Plans
▲ The Debt Diet and Finding Your Way to Financial Freedom

Learn more about these workshops by clicking HERE.  Please complete this survey by November 28, 2020